The Command of Proficiency and Perfection

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Surely, Allah has prescribed perfection on everything. So if you kill, then kill well. If you sacrifice, then sacrifice well. Each one of you should sharpen his blade and alleviate suffering to the animal he slaughters.”

[Sahih Muslim]


Perfection is the opposite of inadequacy and it is well known. “Prescribed” meaning legislated. His statement, “On everything” it is apparent that it means in everything, meaning perfection is not specific to the son of Adam, but rather it is general for everything. “So if you kill then kill well if you sacrifice, then sacrifice well” This is from perfection.

His statement, “So if you kill” this is when you kill someone from the son of Adam (due to any permissible reason), or from what is permissible to kill, or what is permitted of the wild animals for game, or other than it.

His statement, “then kill well” To traverse the shortest path to achieve the goal without causing harm, but what is established about stoning the adulterer conflicts with this. The response is that it is said, ‘He is the exception to this hadith.’ Alternatively, it can be said that the intent is “then kill well” according to the legislation, and killing the adulterer by stoning is in accordance with the legislation.

As for his saying, “then sacrifice well” the intent is that the animal (that is being slaughtered) is a sacrifice for him like cattle, hunting game, or other such (animals). A person traverses the shortest path to achieve his legislated goal of sacrifice. Due to this he said, “Each one if you should sharpen his blade,” i.e. his knife “and alleviate suffering to the animal he slaughters” i.e. he should implement what will reduce its suffering.

And from the Benefits of this hadith:

  1. Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted, has prescribed perfection in everything, even the slaughtering. Allah, The Exalted, has ordered perfection in it.
  2. The obligation of perfection and precision in killing. The easiest route should be taken for the slaughter. Likewise, in sacrifice, the easiest route should be taken in sacrificing, but in accordance with the legislation.
  3. Seeking out and examining the tools for sacrifice due to his saying (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), “Each one of you should sharpen his blade”
  4. Seeking to alleviate suffering of the animal being slaughtered. From this is gently lying it on its side without being reckless and rash in laying it on its side. Also from this, is placing your leg on its neck while leaving its four limbs, not constraining it. This is more profound in alleviating its suffering and allowing it to move freely which causes the blood to exit more freely, so this is better.

And Allah Knows Best!

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