Visualising the Day of Resurrection

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Whoever wishes to look at the Day of Resurrection, as if he is seeing it with his eye, then let him recite: ‘When the sun Kuwwirat’ (Surah 81. At-Takweer)  and ‘When the heaven is cleft asunder’ (Surah 82. Al-Infitar) and ‘When the heaven is split asunder (Surah 84. Al- Inshiqaaq).’”

[At-Tirmidhi - Classed as Sahih by Sh al-Albaani]


These three Surahs have a given us a full picture of the horrors, terrors and conditions of the Last Day. The commotions of the Last Day that will affect the heavens, earth, and the world between them, and the apparent and hidden parts of human life, have been pictured clearly as if one is seeing them with open eyes. So whoever desires to get a glimpse of the Day of Resurrection is advised to read, ponder and try to understand the meaning of these three great Surahs as to prepare himself for this great day.

And Allah knows best!

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