Slaughtering in other than Allah’s name

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Allah has cursed the one who slaughters in other than Allah’s name.”

[Sahih Muslim]


This is the very slaughtering of shirk. It is slaughtered at the pledges of shirk, to the idols, upon the orders of the sorcerers, witch’s and devil worshippers. It is said: we must slaughter an animal with such and such colour with such and such features. Whoever does this or is involved in this is cursed.

Until this day, these types of slaughtering are present. It has found itself a home amongst the small towns and valleys away from the cities at the havens of the magicians and sorcerers: for their fake gods an offering in their celebrations and ceremonies.

The believer should be confident in their slaughtering and for what purpose. Our intention should be for Allah and the purpose for Halal means, implementing a Sunnah, to bring us closer to Allah and not for any other polytheistic purpose.

And Allah knows best!

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