Those Who Deserve the Curse would like to introduce the next collection of ahadith titled “Those Who Deserve the Curse”.

This collection will explore a Prophetic black list of those whom Allah has cursed on the tongue of His Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam).

To define a curse, it is to be expelled, kicked out and distanced from the Mercy of Allah. To be refused the Forgiveness of Allah, His generosity and His Care, Glory be to Him.

It is therefore very important for every Muslim to be extremely cautious of the curse of Allah and likewise highly aware of the things that bring it about.

It is for this reason that this next collection will focus on those who Deserve the Curse of Allah.

Each one of these ahadith will clearly describe the individuals, the characteristics and the behavior that Allah has cursed so that we can avoid them and the people who do them.

We seek refuge in Allah from his wrath, we seek refuge in Allah from His Curse and we seek refuge in Allah from His promise of punishment. We ask Allah to enable us to benefit and understand these Ahadith.

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