Ramadan 2013 Conclusion

With the end of Ramadan concludes our Ramadan Hadith series.

Let’s make it our aim to continue our good actions throughout the whole year and not just in Ramadan.

If a Muslim continues to have the patience to do righteous deeds after Ramadan, this is a sign that his fasting has been accepted by Allah, the Most Generous, the Bestower of blessings.

The Muslim should make Ramadan an opportunity to turn over a new leaf by repenting, turning to Allah, persisting in worshipping Allah, always being aware that Allah is watching at every minute of every hour.

So after Ramadan the Muslim should continue to obey Allah and should avoid sin and evil actions, as a continuation of the way he was during Ramadan and the things that he did then to draw closer to the Lord of creation.

So don’t stop any of your good actions that you started in Ramadan, rather continue them until next Ramadan so by next Ramadan inshAllah you can add extra deeds to perform and these actions become daily actions in your life.

We ask Allah to keep us steadfast on this religion, to give us the patience to worship him, to guide us to that which is right, to give us the sweet taste of imaan, and to enter us in the highest levels of paradise.

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