The Greatest Miracle Conclusion

The Qur’an is a beacon of light that cannot be extinguished. A methodology and way of life that is perfect in all respect. In it is strength that cannot be equaled or repelled. It is the foundation of iman and the spring of knowledge.

Allah willed that the Qur’an be what quenches the thirst for understanding. It is the delight of the people of wisdom and the greatest cure for all ailments. It is the wise reminder and the truly straight path. Allah will raise and lower people with it and the Qur’an will intercede on behalf of those who recited it.

Sadly, many have taken this Qur’an for granted and have neglected its recitation and implementation; they have instead sought the pleasures of this worldly life.

We need to return to the source of life and make it the light which penetrates our hearts and illuminates our darkest moments in this world and on the Great Day. We need to return to it as serious students of knowledge, understanding what our Lord is explaining to us and thereby appreciating the whole meaning of life.

O Allah! Make the Qur’an the delight of our hearts and the light of our breasts and the remover of our pain, sorrow and discomfort, for You are the Source of all strength.


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