The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Allah has cursed the female who [mourns] by scratching her face, tearing open her clothing and lamenting her fortunes.”

[Sunan Ibn Maajah and others and it is a Hasan (sound) Hadith]


Allah also cursed the female who [mourns] by scratching her face. She does this in funerals and mourning, scratching her face in protest in expression of sorrow and grief. Usually this is done collectively by a number of females with loud screaming and hysterical behaviour.

It makes sense then that the tearing open of the clothing of such a women is to be expected. It is also cursed and she is cursed for this as well. In an extreme expression of loss of control and un-coordination, the clothes are also ripped whilst this person is crying and weeping.

The lamenting of fortunes is also cursed. This is the female in the process of lamenting; condemning the decree of Allah for taking the soul of someone she loves. Asking questions with negative answers towards the decree of Allah in taking away the soul of a family member or relative.

And Allah knows best!

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